Vimeo (html5) SEO video user list jQuery and simple api

Example vimeo user video's list, social icons, slideshow (loop) and sliding effect (color grey and no title)

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Vimeo Wordpress

Example vimeo channel (name hd) list, social icons, color black and width 500px (settings player: color red, portrait, title, byline and loop)

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Example vimeo user video's list, social icons, slideshow (loop) and like's list combined (40 video's). With playerlist to the right (settings player: color white)

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NOTE: this is the only vimeo script available with search engine optimalisation (SEO)

Vimeo player options jQuery

The player acts on a simple unordered list containing links to Vimeo videos which are created by a little php script. Optimized for search engines (SEO)

holderId - (vivideo)
The ID of the element (usually a div) into which the Vimeo video will be inserted

html5 - Uses the vimeo iframe for auto detection html5. Desktop computers use flash by default.

NOTE: Go to the vimeo website and click beneath a video to use html5 for desktop computers (only chrome and safari). This setting will be saved with a cookie from Vimeo.

NEW slideshow

slideshow - (false)
Set to true to play the complete playlist one after another in a continues loop

playOnLoad - (false)
Auto play by onload page (true or false)

playfirst - (0)
Select the video to start with. 0 is the first, 1 the second ect.

playerHeight - (385)
The height of the embedded vimeo video

playerWidth - (640)
The width of the embedded vimeo video

sliding - (false)
Set to true to let the list scroll up and show the arrows (default = false)

listsliding - (false)
Set to true to only let the list scroll up (default = false)

social - (true)
Facebook and twitter icons with mouseover video. Set to false ro remove (default = true)

color - (00adef)
Specify the color of the video controls. Defaults to 00adef. Make sure that you donít include the #.

portrait - (true)
Show the userís portrait on the video (Default = true)

title - (true)
Show the title on the video (Default = true)

byline - (true)
Show the userís byline on the video (Default = true)

loop - (false)
Set to true to play the video again when it reaches the end. (Default = false)

Player options php

Set the vimeo username

Choose which feed type you want
videos ,likes ,appears_in ,all_videos ,subscriptions ,album ,channel or group from a user

Cache the xml feed(true or false)

Empty cached xml
for example after one hour 3600, one day 86400 or one week 604800 (in seconds)

Set length title and description text
Standard is 75 and 300 characters

Choose uppercase and lowercase title and description
Default is title uppercase and description first letter uppercase the rest lowercase


Object-oriented programming

Everything is well documentated in this script so you can easy change things for your own needs

Optimized SEO

Easy integration in your website

Works in all major browsers


maximum 20 movies (vimeo simple Api restriction)

If a vimeo user block the colors for embedding you cannot overule the color setting of the player


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